Saturday, March 4, 2017


As the long cold, wet streak continues, it's easy to not run, and in fact I managed to not-run all week.  The closest thing I did to not-not-running was to block out the various pieces of low-hanging fruit that March offers.

Then, today I finally ran.  It was a day with an especially weak record, and I plotted out a 5 1/2 mile route that slopped over into 7 1/3 mile, which is just fine.  It will still be a pretty weak week, but what the heck.  Tomorrow, and for that matter the week to come, should continue to be pretty lousy for running, but hopefully I will get out there and do some running none the less.

Listening: Rabbit, Run.

Avatar: Started at the Heartland Worship Center of Mt. Carmel, Illinois, and then ran straight north on Illinois Highway 1.

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