Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Finishing Off February, or vice-versa

So today is the 21st of February, and the problem with February, as every schoolboy knows, is that it's short.  There are only eight days left on the February clock. 

I'm at 52.32 for the month right now, which is already better than the Februaries of '15, '11, '13, and out-of-commission '10.  Here are some landmarks to shoot for, in the monthly-total department.
61.61 -- Best month of 2017, Best month since April 2016
64.44 -- February is 10th in cumulative mileage, passing December
68.3 -- Third Best February Ever
68.57 -- Second Best February Ever
71.34 -- Best February Ever
77.21 -- Best Month since January 2016
Hmm, that seems pretty doable, and almost makes me think I might overlook the grim awfulness of today's (and probably the rest of the month's) weather to go out and conquer.  There are a few remaining long-hanging plums in the month, too, two of 'em this weekend and one of 'em... today.  Another reason to go out and conquer.  Will I do it?  I'll report back later.

For reference:

UPDATE: I ran!  6.31 miles, the Reed College route, bringing me to 58.63 for the month, and making most of those landmarks look pretty reachable given the seven days available.

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