Saturday, February 25, 2017

Febuary 25: 9.21

Last night I did three laps around the park for 3.06 miles, motivated by some of the especially esoteric spreadsheet goals.

Today, though -- I set off on a roughly 5 1/2 mile round and expanded it a few times, and by the time I got home I was at 9.21.  That's the first excursion into 9-mile territory since November 2015, and although it was a stretch I'm obviously pleased that I was able to do it.

Here's a bit of the line graph that shows my daily records against time, in month increments.  The thick red line is the total number of days with daily records under four, the thin red line is records in the fours, the yellow line is records in the fives, and so on.  The most obvious feature is the flatlining of the records during the back 2/3 of last year, when no new records were being set.  You can see that things have picked up, especially for the shorter-distance records, in the past few months.  Today, I replaced a record of 3.21 (hence a drop of the thick red line) with a distance in the nines, so there was a twitch in the light blue line for the first time in a long time.

The other interesting thing in this graph, at least by this journal's limited conception of "interesting," is the sudden steep drop of the four-mile records.  It's partly because a lower record is vulnerable, of course, but it's also happening because I am targeting those days.  Tomorrow, for instance, there's a record of 4.6, and that makes me want to run at least five miles.  If I do, my reward will be that the red line will drop some more and the yellow line -- or who knows, maybe even one of the green lines! -- will go up more steeply.

But ya know, it wasn't too long ago that I was wondering if I would ever have records in the "blue" area of the spreadsheets, the nines and tens, ever again.  So, it's nice to be back.

Meanwhile, February 2017 is now the best February of all time!   Although only 31st among all months.  Poor February, it's hard for a short cold month to compete.

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