Saturday, February 4, 2017

February 4: 7.5 Miles

Two things I was happy about from today's run: one was that I set out to get five or so, and ramped up (over Tillicum Crossing again) to 7.5, and secondly is that I gave up at about 5 3/4, walked a half block, and then found some extra gumption somewhere and got moving again.

Statistically, well!  It's
  • The all-time record for February 4th!
  • The best 4th of any month since 2014!
  • The best Saturday of the year!
  • And other, more obscure stuff.
The Avatar, meanwhile, jogged through Omaha Illinois, then turned east again on Illinois 141.  He's running down the center stripe, right foot striking in Gallatin County, left foot striking in White County.  Farm Country.

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