Thursday, February 23, 2017

February 23: 4.31

I got off work late tonight, but even so got out and ran for a while, on a twisty course through the neighborhood that I kept deciding to make longer until it was a respectable 4.31 miles.  That brings me up to... lessee... 62.94 for the month, which means February has passed January and is the best month since last April.  And, I've still got five days on the clock!

Tonight's run also made February 23rd the best cumulative mileages of all twelve 23rds.  That made me happy. 

So, how does the weather look for the next few days?  Well, actually it could be worse!  Let's see if I can finish this month strong, before abandoning my loyalty to its progress and glory and start thinking of it as only one of the enemies of March.

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