Monday, February 6, 2017

Feb 5: 2.25 & Feb 6: 2.26

Two instances of my most basic run: up the street to the park and two laps around it, with slight variations in the laps based on ancient custom and usage (I have a "standard" lap, but the penultimate lap is always a little different.  This was true way back in my prehistorical running, when I would run as many as four laps around the park -- something that would be psychologically very difficult to me today -- and it is true today, when I mostly use the park for this easy two.  In 17 years of running in the park, I have never once run around it counterclockwise.  There's a short leg that I run "backwards" on certain routes, but that is a whole nother kettle of fish.  I have no problem with people running the park counterclockwise; indeed, I enjoy meeting them along the way.  But I'm not one of them.).

Yesterday, it was an oddly short weekend route, but then yesterday there was so much cold rain coming out of the sky that people were collecting pairs of animals, just in case.  Today, it was a fairly standard fit of night-running.  Night-running always feels virtuous in and of itself, no matter the distance.

Neither run had any statistical significance at all, even by my standards.  However, put them together and now I've got on more runs in February than in June.  June's a weird month.  All that light, and so little running.

In the headphones, I'm well into Life of PiThe Avatar has turned east again on Illinois State Highway 141, and is heading towards Indiana.

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