Sunday, February 19, 2017

Feb 18 & 19 in the running log

On Saturday the 18th, we had lunch visitors which turned into lunch and then a game, which turned into "come back and play some more," and I was happy with myself for not getting too stressed out that interpersonal relationships were interfering with the business of logging running miles.  But then too I was pleased that at 8 p.m. or so I got out there and piled up 5.36 night miles, which was a five-year record and broke a four-day hiatus. I felt like I had exceeded my own expectations a bit.

Today, Sunday, I decided to go big and planned a loop in the nine to ten mile region.  If I'd pulled it off, it would have been my first visit to those distances in over a year, but... I didn't.  I sputtered just past seven miles, caught my breath and managed another half mile, and endured the shameful punishment of the 2 1/2 mile walk home.  I felt like I'd let down the side, despite that 7.57 was two miles more than yesterday's success and a record for the nineteenth.  Once I got into the data-entry arcana, though, I was cheered to see that February 19th now has the most cumulative mileage of any of the 19ths.  That makes it February's only "best date," which really is on the list of running stats I get enthusiastic about.

At around 18.5, it was a respectable week, and the month has passed the 50-mile mark.

Meanwhile, in southwestern Indiana, The Avatar passed through the odd little town of New Harmony, and is now bearing ENE on state roads.  I believe Highways 66, 68, and 69 were involved, but I'd have to look again to see in what order.

Audio: A Brief History of Nearly Everything.

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