Thursday, January 19, 2017

More or Less Pinned Down by the Weather, Redux

On Tuesday the 10th, the day after I last got in a few laps at the park, it started to snow as I drove home from work... and then snowed, and snowed, and snowed, and then the temperature dropped below freezing and stayed there for a week.  It was, by the standards of our city, quite spectacular, and although I ended up with plenty of spare time on my hands, and went on some epic walks, there was no chance for running.  And so my running year, which had such a sparkly first few days, is now in a statistical hole from which recovery will be pretty difficult.

Ah well.

Today's mission was just to reboot the reboot, reminding my body how running works by taking two laps around the park, and also revisiting my poor shattered list of January goals.  Many of these were of course buried under the snows of yesterweek.  The coming three days, though, have the kind of low numbers that kind of gets one's blood up!  Perhaps I'll go after them.

My Avatar left U.S. 60 to see some western Kentucky backroads, and is at the junction of Levias Road and Siloam Church Road, in Crittenden County.

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