Monday, January 9, 2017

More or Less Pinned Down by the Weather

So far the 2017 running year has begun, sensibly enough, a lot like the 2016 running year ended: erratically.  I got off to a rip-roaring start, and then have been more or less pinned down by the weather ever sense.  I say "more or less" pinned down by the weather because the fact is, it has been cold, snowy, icy, windy, and generally unpleasant, but not... unsurvivable or anything.  Of the days I haven't run, I can only legitimately gesture towards safety concerns for a couple of them.  But, you know?  It's HARD to run in the winter!

Some statistical highlights:

Jan 1: 6.09 to reclaim its title as the most run-on day of the year.  It was also my longest run since April 23, 2016.

Jan 2: 4.46 on the holiday Monday to kick off what I thought was going to be a monster week.

Jan 3: I took an extra day off, and broke seven for the first time since the reboot with 7.26, my longest run since April 16.  All time record for January 3!

But then came three days of bitter windchills, followed by two of ice storm, and I missed out on some juicy goal opportunities over the weekend.

Today, I got around the park a few times for 2.32 miles, just so I didn't get too far into the habit of not running.   I had to dig to find a statistic to mark the occasion, but it did move the all-time cumulative mileage for January into 8th place among the months.  It's just ahead of April now, and only a few miles behind March.  To be fair to April, it only has 30 days and still leads the cluster on a miles/day basis.

The weather forecast is all over the place right now.  It looks as though things will be more or less back to normal by the weekend so I can get back to routine weekend running, but weather forecasts always trend back towards the average.  It's hard to look forward five days with much confidence in this part of the world.

Meanwhile, My Avatar is running northeastward on U.S. 60 in western Kentucky. 

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