Wednesday, November 30, 2016

November 30: 2.5 miles

As anyone who would be likely to see this knows, it has been a pretty rough running year.  There was a succession of issues, none of them very interesting, which between them pretty much stopped me in my tracks.  After almost 300 miles in the first four months of the year, I logged fewer than 100 in the next four before a September in which I didn't run a single mile.  An October "reboot" fizzled before I got to Mile 10.

So, that makes me pretty happy that I finished November at 54.2 miles, a short-but steady total that looks even better when you factor in that I started on the 8th.  Part of the motivation was the Grand Junction (Colorado) Turkey Trot, which I entered with the goals of not stopping and of beating my (non-runner) brother-in-law.  I am happy to announce total victory on both points.

After Thanksgiving dinner, I started sprucing up my running records, many of which were (like this blog) untouched since April.  And so after I ran last night, I noticed that I had at least two runs on record for every day in November, except -- wait for it! -- the 30th.  So of course, I had to run tonight, too, and I did, the measly 2.5 mile sort of thing that I've been pounding out as I try to figure out whether I am still, or again, a runner.  And so, November becomes the first month on which I've logged mileage twice for every day!

I've logged mileage at least twice for every 30th, too.

The Avatar, who never complained once all of the time I abandoned him in southeastern Missouri, is working his way towards the outskirts of Paducah, Kentucky, on the Old Hinkleville Road.

Audio: The Finkler Question

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