Sunday, April 3, 2016

April 3: 6.46 miles

OK, this is a pretty standard run I do over the south shoulder of Taber, across PCC-SE and back, but it's the best run in several weeks and on the high end for this whole year really. In normal human terms, it's nice to feel fit enough to expand my mileage back up a little. In spreadsheet terms, I'm happy about
  • the best week of the year, at 28.99
  • eight days running, running
  • the all time record for April 3, and getting rid of one of the 15 remaining sub-four records
  • getting rid of one of the 26 remaining sub-five cumulatives
  • and other more esoteric stuff
The Avatar, starting in Rolla, toured around what they're calling the Missouri University of Science and Technology, through the "Ber Juan Park Concession," along some city streets, and then south on Missouri 72.  He's now running the opposite way where I -- actual bricks and mortar I -- was driving nine days ago.  He ended the run at a business called "Watkins Portable Toilet," and will be pressing for use to go for another run soon.

Audio: Q

Weight: 210.6 at midday after the run.

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