Saturday, April 2, 2016

April 2: 3.4

This was a short little run around the usual close-in spots, partly because it's my seventh day in a row and partly because April 2 already has so much mileage that I want to save up for tomorrow and the next day. 

3.4 miles was enough to get My Avatar into Rolla, Missouri, where he ducked into the old Southeastern Missouri State University (it has a fancy new name that I forget) campus before stopping at a Panera to carb up.  Now, the Avatar has every right to be irritated with me since I was in Missouri just last week and didn't go out of my way to check up on him.  In fact, today he ran on a stretch of road that I drove down just last Friday, eight days ago.  In fact in fact, I almost stopped at that very same Panera, but it was doing such brisk business that I didn't think I'd fit in the door.  The Avatar, of course, doesn't have to worry about parking.

Even before I ran today, April 2 had more cumulative mileage than any other April day and any other second.  The added 3.4 made it 28.86 cumulative, boosting it from 19th place to 8th place among days of the year.  What do I run so much on April 2nd?  I think it's just statistical noise.

Hey, speaking of cumulative mileage, I forgot to mention yesterday that my April 1 miles immediately took April from 11th to 9th among months, passing June and December.  It will eventually pass January too, but it will take a while.

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