Wednesday, April 6, 2016

April 6: 5 miles

I used to work Wednesday afternoons out at PCC-Willow Creek.  That ended about a year ago, but I was out there today and afterwards ran my old after-work loop, which is a nice little run, after the first dismal mile down Baseline Road: you follow a linear park north about a mile, then run on a sort of wetland boardwalk for a bit, then across a middle school campus, and finally back through mostly quiet suburban streets.  It's nice.  And it's five miles, which I'm excited to announce makes it the BEST WEDNESDAY OF 2016!!!  So far.

The Avatar continued south on Missouri 72 and discovered his 77th county, Dent County.


Monday, April 4, 2016

March 4: 4.1

I used to run home from work all the time, but for various reasons I hardly ever do any more.  But I did today!  It set an all-time record for April 4, I'll have you know.  Plus, it was the 9th day of running in a row; I've gradually dragged my pace up to close to 900 miles/year.

The Avatar continued south on Missouri 72.

Audio: Q is still for Quarry

Sunday, April 3, 2016

April 3: 6.46 miles

OK, this is a pretty standard run I do over the south shoulder of Taber, across PCC-SE and back, but it's the best run in several weeks and on the high end for this whole year really. In normal human terms, it's nice to feel fit enough to expand my mileage back up a little. In spreadsheet terms, I'm happy about
  • the best week of the year, at 28.99
  • eight days running, running
  • the all time record for April 3, and getting rid of one of the 15 remaining sub-four records
  • getting rid of one of the 26 remaining sub-five cumulatives
  • and other more esoteric stuff
The Avatar, starting in Rolla, toured around what they're calling the Missouri University of Science and Technology, through the "Ber Juan Park Concession," along some city streets, and then south on Missouri 72.  He's now running the opposite way where I -- actual bricks and mortar I -- was driving nine days ago.  He ended the run at a business called "Watkins Portable Toilet," and will be pressing for use to go for another run soon.

Audio: Q

Weight: 210.6 at midday after the run.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

April 2: 3.4

This was a short little run around the usual close-in spots, partly because it's my seventh day in a row and partly because April 2 already has so much mileage that I want to save up for tomorrow and the next day. 

3.4 miles was enough to get My Avatar into Rolla, Missouri, where he ducked into the old Southeastern Missouri State University (it has a fancy new name that I forget) campus before stopping at a Panera to carb up.  Now, the Avatar has every right to be irritated with me since I was in Missouri just last week and didn't go out of my way to check up on him.  In fact, today he ran on a stretch of road that I drove down just last Friday, eight days ago.  In fact in fact, I almost stopped at that very same Panera, but it was doing such brisk business that I didn't think I'd fit in the door.  The Avatar, of course, doesn't have to worry about parking.

Even before I ran today, April 2 had more cumulative mileage than any other April day and any other second.  The added 3.4 made it 28.86 cumulative, boosting it from 19th place to 8th place among days of the year.  What do I run so much on April 2nd?  I think it's just statistical noise.

Hey, speaking of cumulative mileage, I forgot to mention yesterday that my April 1 miles immediately took April from 11th to 9th among months, passing June and December.  It will eventually pass January too, but it will take a while.

Audio: Q

Friday, April 1, 2016

April 1: 4.36

Another beautiful day, another fine run, and 4.36 miles is an easy ALL TIME RECORD FOR APRIL 1!  It's also the best first of 2016, and the best Friday of 2016.  And, I suppose, the best run of the month so far.

That takes care of one of the 16 remaining sub-four daily records, and one of the 27 remaining sub-five daily cumulatives.

The Avatar passed into Phelps County and continued along US 63 towards Rolla.

Audio: Q is for Quarry.