Thursday, March 31, 2016

Quarterly Report

Here we are a fourth of the way into 2016, and I've run 214.25 miles.  That's well under pace for my implicit goal of 1000 miles/year, but we've also made our way through the worst season of the year to run in as well as the most popular time to get get sick.  So, I feel like I'm pretty close to "seasonally adjusted on pace."

I like to have a minimum of four and preferably five miles for every date-of-month over the course of the year.  Yes, I know that's odd, but that's not your problem.  Currently, I've got 21 of 31 "fours," and 14 of 31 "fives."  Again, with warmer weather and longer days inviting longer runs, I feel like I'm on track to cross off this goal fairly early in the year.

More than half of my mileage, predictably enough, has been on the weekend.  Monday (which often gets a holiday bump) is the leader among weekdays, followed by Thursday.  Wednesday, which used to be a big running day when I had a different work pattern, is my weakest day this year.

The Avatar has cut a line across the heart of Missouri.

Looking Ahead: The beginning of April has one of the juiciest clusters of low daily records left on the calendar: 3 miles for April 1, 2.89 for April 3, and 3.35 for April 4.  That should help me stay motivated for the beginning of a month that has historical varied widely.  Last year, a massive late cold limited me to less then 20 miles for April, setting me back so far that I still don't feel like I've ever fully recovered my base level of fitness.  Maybe this April will be when I spring majestically back into fighting trim!  Or maybe I'm just getting old.

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