Saturday, March 5, 2016

March 5: 6.89

After taking a rainy stretch of weekdays off, I did a nice Saturday run to Reed and back on 42nd for close to seven miles. It was a late start to March, but it already gives the month a longer longest run than February had. It was pure shorts-and-shirt weather, and I have to wonder how much the reduced weight and greater comfort of light clothing might help when you're trying to go more than three or four miles. After today, I'm already down to just two dates-of-month that I haven't run on yet in 2016, the 15th and the 26th.

My Avatar swung back west to get to Highway B, then headed south and over the Osage River.  Now he'll be heading southeast in the general direction of Rolla.

Audio: I got to the denouement of Emma today. 

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