Thursday, March 31, 2016

March 31: 3.1 miles

This was close to a case of the relentless record-keeping disincentivizing a run, but since there was sunshine and another day off a bit early from work, I finally found a motive: the poor old 31st, of which there are only seven in a year, always lags behind the other days of the month.  Couldn't I try to catch it up a little today?  So, I ran a very slight amendment of my standard graveyard run, My Avatar continued south on US 63 towards Rolla, and I listened to the surprisingly tepid Casebook of Sherlock Holmes.  Voila!

March ended up with 57.44 miles to its credit, hardly impressive but, at 51st out of the 77 months on record, not a disaster either.  

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