Monday, March 21, 2016

March 21: 2.09

Weather, anxiety, feeling under the weather, and travel have really crushed my running: last week's 2.3 miles is the kind of number that really takes the wind out of your stats.  Broke a streak of 11 consecutive Saturdays, too.

Today's 2.09 miles -- worst of 2016! -- is nothing to write home about either, but is was on the hilly University of Kansas campus and was a good little workout.  I've got a streak of 5 Mondays going, too, but the record there is nine.

It's the second time in recorded history (ie. since 2013) that I've run in the Sunflower State, and brought its cumulative mileage to 6.16.  That brought it from the #15 state to the #6 state.  (British Columbia, by the way, is the 4th most run-in state.  The whole state-running thing is a bit loosey-goosey.)

My Avatar turned east on Missouri Highway 42 and is heading towards, I believe, the town of Vienna.

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