Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Feb 29: 2.27

I ran a damp 2.27, which is of course the ALL TIME RECORD FOR FEBRUARY 29th!

Last Monday, I laid out the situation for the rest of February:

Tomorrow is the only chance February has to have a "First-place" date among the months, so it's tempting to grab that, even knowing it wouldn't last.  

I grabbed it!

After that, we've got:
  • 24th: Worst 24th, sub-ten cumulative mileage
I corrected both issues!
  • 25th: Worst 25th, sub-five cumulative mileage, sub-five record.
I corrected the first two issues!
  • 26th: Worst 26th, sub-five cumulative mileage, sub-five record.
I didn't run that day!  I did run on the 27th, but didn't do anything interesting.
  • 28th: Worst 28th, sub-ten cumulative mileage, sub-five record.
I corrected all three issues!
  • 29th: No running history.
I ran!

I don't feel like I've been doing any particularly amazing running, and I certainly haven't been running very far on any given day, but with the best January and the best February both under my belt now, I seem to be off to a really good start.  March is historically a much stronger month, as daylight continues to sneak back into the world.  So far, the weather has been dreadful and I haven't budged.  But that can't last forever, right?

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