Monday, February 8, 2016

Feb 8: 2.32

I went a couple of times around the park.  2.32 is the "worst run of the year," so to speak -- the shortest distance covered in a run so far in 2016.  And this can be a thing about obsessing with mileage: it can really discourage you from going on a short run, on days when all you have time or inclination for is a short run.  Fortunately, all I "needed" was a short run today, to get February 8th out of last place among the Eighths.  Now it's the 11th-place 8th.

Right on schedule, I got my mid-February sore throat today.  It's theoretically possible that it will go away and be a memory tomorrow.  That would be nice.  I think it's more likely that it will gradually turn my life into a stuffy tunnel of fatigue for the next two weeks, completely shooting down this whole attempt at rehabilitating February.  Time will tell!

My Avatar is getting closer to the University of Missouri.  He stopped at a coffee shop, which should keep him happy for the night.

Audio: The Goldfinch.  It was admittedly a short run, but it encompassed only a single overwritten episode.

Safety Fail: Running at night, completely forgot to pack anything bright, reflective, or even light-colored.  However, survived.

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