Sunday, February 7, 2016

Feb 7: 5.17, again

I ran a totally different route from yesterday and ended up with 5.17 miles, again.  That's kind of weird.
  • 5.17 is a record for February 7, yay!
  • I've knocked off the first of my eight-day stretch of cumulative worsts.  (In fact, Feb 7 is now the 7th-place Seventh, which is a humongous leap.  Motivational statistics!)
  • 15.35 for an indifferent week, but not bad for February.
In Missouri, My Avatar ran on local roads into the suburbs of Columbia; he's at Chapel Hill Road at Louisville Drive.

Audio: I finished off the last few minutes of The Prime Minister, and then... didn't listen to anything.  I just thought about stuff.  I hardly ever do that!

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