Saturday, February 6, 2016

Feb 6: 5.17

Five-and-change is fairly modest for a weekend, but since I wedged it in between plumbing repair and people coming over for dinner, I'm pleased with it.  My route was behind the hospital and over the 60th Avenue overpass, and for anyone keeping track my current audiobook is Trollope's The Prime Minister.  I'm in the denouement.

5.17 is the all-time record for February 6 by about .2 mile.  Woo!

With 14.21 cumulative miles, February 6th went from the "9th-best Sixth" to the "6th-best Sixth."  That's all fine and good.  But here is the monthly ranking for the next eight days:

Or, on the graph, the thick light blue line...

...which means I'm entering the part of February in which I've usually been sick in the past, and am more or less honor-bound to try to run as much as I possibly can tomorrow and all of next week.  Unless, of course, I get sick...

My Avatar, out in Missouri, continued down the Katy Trail beneath the Big Manitou Bluffs, and ended up at the Katfish Katy Campgrounds for the night.

The plumbing repair went pretty well, thanks.

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