Sunday, February 28, 2016

Feb 28: 6.37

I was delighted to find my steam had returned today, and it took me around Reed to the tune of 6.37 miles.  This was the best mileage of the month, and a low best mileage it was, too, but under the circumstances I'm pretty pleased with it.
  • I got my 20 mile week.
  • It's the best February ever -- at 69.07, I'm a half mile over the previous record.  And, there's still a day left, of course.
  • February went from having the 12th-best 28th to the 6th-best.  That was kind of fun.
My Avatar took a wrong turn south of Jefferson City, and will have to loop back west a bit to get to a bridge over the Osage River.

Audio: Yesterday I wrapped up with Crashed, and started in with Emma.  I like running with the nineteeth century authors.  

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