Monday, February 22, 2016

Feb 22: 3.01

Back in Portland, I ran my standard graveyard loop for about three miles.  There was hardly any statistical significance at all, which is weird enough to be almost statistically significant.

It looks like I have motivation to "run for February" for almost every remaining day of the month.  Tomorrow is the only chance February has to have a "First-place" date among the months, so it's tempting to grab that, even knowing it wouldn't last.  After that, we've got:
  • 24th: Worst 24th, sub-ten cumulative mileage.
  • 25th: Worst 25th, sub-five cumulative mileage, sub-five record.
  • 26th: Worst 26th, sub-five cumulative mileage, sub-five record.
  • 28th: Worst 28th, sub-ten cumulative mileage, sub-five record.
  • 29th: No running history.
And, the weather forecast is fairly encouraging.  And, I only need 17 miles to get to the Best Ever February, woo woo!

Counterbalancing that, I had a bit of a scrape last night and will be taking antibiotics all week, and still don't feel 100% over that February bug.   We shall see.

In Missouri, The Avatar continued south along the Katy Trail.

Audio: I finished The Goldfinch while I was doing my data entry.  There will finally be something else in the "Audio" department of this blog!

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