Friday, February 19, 2016

Feb 19: 3.75, in Arizona!

After four days off -- still kind of sick, and then traveling as well -- I put in a very pleasant night run in what was essentially a summer night here in Tucson.  From our hotel, I ran down the extend-o-quad of the University of Arizona campus, then turned around and came back.  This city is really dark at night!  But, it also seemed quieter than you'd expect, and there wasn't much traffic to dodge.

3.75 is, trivially, the best Friday so far this year.  Much more "importantly," it is my first run in Arizona, which becomes the 21st state that I have run in.

My Avatar ran down the Katy Trail, in Missouri.

Audio: The Goldfinch continues.  There was some expository dialog, and then the characters slept, and then they met the next morning for some more expository dialog.  That was, like, 35 minutes of text.

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