Sunday, February 14, 2016

Feb 14: 6.29

Still pushing the even-though-I'm-sick-I'll-run concept, I did the Reed loop today to tack on 6.29. This gave me a whole parade of achievements. If this was all a computer game, there would have been all sorts of colorful bubbles with numbers in them popping out of the top of my head. Here goes: 
  • All-time record for Feb 14!
  • Best run of February 2016 so far.  I've been doing lots of short runs.
  • Nine days in a row, which I think is the most since May 2012. 
  • First seven-day week (Monday through Friday) since the last week of 2012.   
  • Best week of 2016 (25.91)
 The month is looking pretty good too.  Here are the Februaries:
  • 2014: 68.57
  • 2012: 68.3
  • 2015: 43.14
  • 2016: 41.29
  • 2011: 35.43
  • 2013: 30.38
  • 2010: 1
Hardly need point out that there is still a fair amount of clock left on this February.

Meanwhile, about the goals I set for early-mid February back on the 6th, here's the before and after.  I'll let 'em speak for themselves, even if it's in a language only I can understand.

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