Saturday, February 13, 2016

Feb 13: 4.22!

Feeling less energetic today, I put on a simple 4.22 miles (via the graveyard and Patrick and Meaghan's place) to eliminate one of the three remaining zero-mile days!  Very exciting of course.  Of course, it also picked off one of the 18 remaining sub-four record days.  Feb 13th does, however, remain the 12th-best (ie. the worst) Thirteenth in cumulative mileage.

The two remaining zero-mile days, February 29 and my wife's birthday, both have excellent excuses.

Eight consecutive days running, and in February to boot, and while sick, to boot!  I'm feeling far more impressed with myself than an objective observer would think reasonable!

In Missouri, My Avatar ran through the awful McMansion fields south of Columbia on Missouri N.

Audio: All Goldfinch, all the time.  It's not awful, but there's a lot of it, and I'm looking forward to something new, someday.

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