Friday, February 12, 2016

Feb 12: 3.45

Strangely energetic -- might be coffee-related -- I ran 3.45 miles after work in a nice little sunbreak. It was a pure case of being motivated by numeric minutiae: I knew I would need 3.2 miles to get Feb 12 from the 10th-best Twelfth to the 6th-best Twelfth.

No, really! That was my motivation! Stop looking at me like that!

Incidentally, I always love spelling "twelfth." Don't you?

  • Seven days of running in a row!  That's a lot!
  • Best Friday of 2016!  (previous best: 3.44)

The Avatar continued south through suburban Columbia, then on trails in Rock Bridge Memorial State Park.

Audio: Yet more Goldfinch.

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