Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Feb 10: 2.95

Today was one of the last four remaining zero-distance days.  So even a little 2.95 miles is kind of a big achievement, in my world.  Only three more left: this coming Saturday, Feb. 29, and my wife's birthday, in July.

It was also the first and therefore best Wednesday of 2016.  Now I finally have mileage for every day of the week this year.  As usual, the weekend is dominating.

My Avatar ran southeast by the edge of the Mizzou campus and through a nature area on (presumably) nice trails.

Audio: Still The Goldfinch.  Today I started thinking "hmm, are we about ready to wrap this story up?"  When I checked, I saw I was on part 5 of, uh, 32.  I guess we've got a way to go.

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