Thursday, February 4, 2016

And then there were 19 (sub-four days)

After the bold manifesto of February 1, I took the first three days of the month off. Well, those days didn't need too much work, so to speak.

But today, February 4, with it's measly 2.78 record and 2.78 cumulative mileage, needed to be whipped into shape. So, after work, I set out to run four miles on a loop around Benson High School, which actually turned out to be 5.01 miles. Oops! So, here's the damage:
  • 5.01 is the all-time record for February 4!
  • We've eliminated one of the 20 remaining sub-four days.
  • February 4 has jumped from being the "worst 4th" to the 8th spot.
  • It's the best mileage for a Thursday in 2016 so far.
  • We're already at the 6th best February, having passed February 2010's 1 mile (a time I went out to see if my leg was still injured, and discovered it was).
My Avatar continued on the Katy Trail through a little town, then through a big turn south to cozy up right against the Missouri, eventually passing underneath the I-70 bridges.  He's now in Boone County, his 70th.

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