Sunday, January 24, 2016

Twenty Miles a Week

I like to say that I run 20 miles a week, but it often doesn't happen for several weeks at a time, especially in the winter months.  This week, it happened.

I ran 6.43 miles on the Reed College Loop, which is a standard 6ish mile route where I run to Reed and back.  It was a new record for January 24 (previous 5.07), and capped the best week of 2016 so far, with 22.26 miles.  Having the MLK Holiday certainly helped.

With another full week to go, I've got 64.55 miles in January (already the 44th best month on record, hurrah!).  So, I compare that with other Januarys:
  • Jan 2014: 85.1
  • Jan 2013: 69.79
  • Jan 2011: 64.58
  • Jan 2016: 64.55
  • Jan 2015: 52.05
  • Jan 2012: 46.82
  • Jan 2010: 0 (injured)
So if I can run twenty-one miles this week, not just twenty, I can present myself with the best January ever.  That's a good goal: moderately ambitious, but realistic if I can get in a few after-work runs.

My Avatar continued down Missouri Route 44, through the valley of the Missouri River.

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