Saturday, January 30, 2016

I had hoped to tack on a few miles last night, but it was too damn rainy and uninviting.  So today, I wanted to get rid of more than half of the twelveish miles on my plate for the weekend.  I did the Reed Loop again, adding a few unnecessary twists and turns to tack on extra distance, and was at 7.07 miles when I arrived home.  Here's the state of play:
  • January 2016 is still the "second-best January" at 80.28 miles; I'll need about five miles tomorrow to make that goal.
  • Overall, today's run took January 2016 from 32nd best month to 22nd.  A few more miles will make it a Top Twenty Month.  We like those.
  • 7.07 is a record for January 30th!
  • It's also the best Saturday for 2016 so far.
The Avatar ran in and around Boonville, Missouri, before crossing north over the Missouri River itself and turning back east on US 40.  He's in Howard County now, the 69th county of his long run.

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