Monday, January 18, 2016


Today I passed the 5000 mile mark.  That's 5000 miles run since I started keeping track in August 2009, thinking it might motivate me.  That turned out to work beyond my wildest imagination.

Today I ran 7.33 miles.  That's further than I really planned on going.  I asked Mrs.5000 for "a running concept," the kind of demand that usually gets the kind of response it deserves, but she gamely suggested "Triangles" which I thought was very good.  I ran to the graveyard, then to Oregon Park, then past home (which I never do) and on to that park south of Hawthorne, then to the graveyard again, closing the second triangle with the return route home.

Here are some (but by no means all) of the kinds of things I track and think about:
  • 7.33 was a distance record for Jan 18. (The previous record was 6.21)
  • 7.33 was the "best" (ie. longest) Monday of 2016.  (The previous record was 2.62.  A nice thing about January is that the records for the year are so fresh and easily broken!)
  • At 49 miles and change, January 2016 is already the 60th best month "of all time."  Since there are two full weekends left on the clock, that's very promising assuming the rain holds off.
My Avatar ran eastward 7.33 miles from Marshall, Missouri.
I am exactly on pace for a 1000-mile year, but obviously it's a bit early to get excited about that.
LOOKING AHEAD: January 21 has a very weak record and very poor cumulative miles, so I'll have extra incentive to run Thursday.  I mean, aside from enjoying running.

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